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Creativity is something that is very important to me. Throughout my years of studying, it was something that inspired me and gave me confidence in other subjects.  Using creativity is a proven learning and wellbeing tool and as a teacher, it is something that I bring to all of my sessions, whether it is literacy, numeracy or a creative subject.

I have a proven record of using creative learning to deliver positive outcomes across a range of subjects. One of my recent successful students passed their photography GCSE with top marks, after falling behind before I worked with them. Another recent student wanted to pursue their hobby in creative media and by doing these sessions, they have gained more confidence and seen an improvement in other subjects.

I have experience working with students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia. Creative learning can be particularly effective for students that are struggling with traditional methods.

I am very patient, open and personable which helps create strong working relationships with you,

your child and family.  If there is a specific way you feel you learn best, I am happy to adapt to your needs!

Sessions can be both online and face to face. I am based in West Sussex, therefore

face to face teaching must be in this area and surroundings.

Literacy and Numeracy

available for up to Key Stage 2

I am offering 1:1 sessions with children looking for extra support with literacy and numeracy. I incorporate elements of creativity into my sessions to help your child gain a better understanding of the subject. 


£35 per session

(Sessions are 60 minutes long and also include a free 30 minute introduction to discuss your needs and requirements)


Creative Subjects

including photography, moving image (video), editing, textiles, graphic design and art and design for all ages

I am offering 1:1 sessions in creative sessions. I believe art and creative media has a huge impact on our health and wellbeing. Succeeding in a creative subject can help progress your child in other subjects too. If there is something that you can't see on here, please do feel free to contact me to see if I can offer it.


£40 per session

(Sessions are 60 minutes long and also include a free 30 minute introduction to discuss your needs and requirements)

Art Supply

Have a few questions?

If you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer them.