Basic computer skills SESSIONS

Do you know someone who wants to learn to use a computer and become more digital? Do you need a refresher or starting from scratch? Switching from PC to Mac (or vice versa)?

Course content

These sessions are tailored to you so that you get the best out of the course. 

Areas which may interest you to cover:

  • Basics of setting up of a new computer

  • How to use a mouse and keyboard

  • How to search things on the internet

  • Learn word processing in Microsoft Word

  • Set up an email address so you can communicate digitally with others

  • Transferring files from a device and uploading them to the 'Cloud' (remote online storage) or a USB stick.


No experience required.

You will need a computer or laptop, a USB stick and a folder for your handouts.


Free introductory session - 30 minutes.

£35.00 per session - 60 minutes